Physical Being

I am taking a break from personal training work to focus on Sulston’s Kitchen with my husband Ben. This website will stay live but not active. If you are interested in working with us at Sulston’s Kitchen you can visit our website

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Founded by Kirsty Sulston in 2015, Physical Being is the culmination of a lifetime spent working to understand the human form and its potential for performance in a wide variety of athletic settings and lifestyle environments. With a long professional background in dance and more recent professional development in personal training, Kirsty is uniquely placed to understand first hand that the most aesthetic form is also the most biomechanically efficient and injury resistant and, therefore, the ideal foundation for reaching untapped levels of athleticism. Physical Being is the new, whole-being approach to lifestyle and fitness performance.


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"Kirsty lets her actions do the talking. She fuels her body carefully, studies conscientiously, trains faithfully and lives life passionately. She has a positive impact on anyone she comes into contact with, and her zest for life and wellbeing is genuinely infectious"

— Sarah Crichton, Freelance Press and PR Consultant