How I became Physical Being ...

Kirsty Sulston, the dance professional-turned fitness coach, spent the first phase of her career exploring and mastering the most graceful and elegant moving expressions of the human form. Since the age of four, Kirsty has been dedicated to movement and physicality, first mastering tap, modern dance and ballet, then hip hop, parkour and ashtanga yoga after achieving her degree in dance at University College Chichester. After twelve years of professional dance experience, Kirsty quickly discovered that the attributes usually regarded as fundamental by the fitness industry - power, strength, focus, energy - are in reality always grounded in the principles of physiological efficiency derived from aesthetic motion. Power and strength are generated by poise and balance; focus is assured by cultivating an intuitive awareness of form; and energy is maximised through efficiency.

Supplementing this physical intuition with the science of human anatomy and knowledge of state-of-the-art training techniques has placed Kirsty in the unique position to understand, firsthand, that the most aesthetic form is also the most biomechanically efficient and injury resistant and, therefore, the perfect foundation for new levels of athleticism. Physical Being was developed with the intention of bringing this understanding, and the physical and mental benefits it passes onto our lives, to anyone looking to change their life or enhance their fitness. Since transitioning into the fitness world, Kirsty has already been personally selected and upskilled by the Directors of The Strength & Conditioning Institute (SCI), and now oversees SCI Transformations, trains personal clients and leads SCI FitGirl classes.



Level 3 Complete Personal Trainer
Diploma (Future Fit Training)
Movement Intelligence Coach (AMN)
BA Hons Dance & Related Arts
Nutrition for Sport and Exercise
Nutrition and Weight Management
Circuit Trainer
Complete Kettlebell Trainer
Suspension Equipment Trainer
GP referral specialist

"I love being trained by Kirsty because her workouts are hard but also enhance posture and core fitness. Training with Kirsty is as good as being trained by her as her own personal fitness is an inspiration to follow."

— Lorna Davis, Owner of Davis Elite, PA & Business Management