Group Training


FitGirl is a group training session at The Strength and Conditioning Institute, Tonbridge.

If you want to get fit and toned but you are bored with conventional training methods such as using the resistance machines or slogging away on the cross trainer then fit girl training is the answer you have been looking for. This type of training is the ultimate in functional training, which means that you learn to use groups of muscles together. It is a modified type of strongman training designed specifically for women.

If you thought training like this was just for rugby players and body builders then you would be wrong, it is by far the best conditioning tool anyone could ever use. A few months of this training and you will look fit and lean but without having put on too much muscle.

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"Kirsty is a fantastic personal trainer, motivator, group class leader and lifestyle adviser. I have attended her FitGirl session at SCI and outdoor Park Play sessions and have always enjoyed her style of coaching - she makes exercises fun but challenging and is always aware of individual needs so can easily adapt exercises so we can work within our range of movement. She certainly leads by example and is the embodiment of a healthy, fit, strong and positive human being. She follows her own advice and is true to her lifestyle beliefs."

— Alison Earnshaw-Punnett, Head of Lacrosse at Walthamstow Hall